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Our team is highly skilled in coaching on crisis communications: providing guides, best practices, weekly support calls, online training, media production services, DIY guides for virtual engagement, and tools for effective team acceleration.



We can teach you how to easily create in-home or in-office DIY videos and podcasts — and then we edit your HD videos remotely and send back a superior broadcast-quality video. Production time is within 7 days of when we receive footage from you via the cloud.

You don't have to pay a television station to produce or broadcast your message anymore. Create video to connect with your audience on YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn!

The difference? You can laser-target video content via these online platforms — with little personal training.

The advantage? These delivery channels enable you to measure and adapt!

Crisis or not, it's a whole new world...and depending on your needs...the sky is the limit with our award-winning video editing service.

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Virtual Engagement & Video Conferencing: Navigate the Maze of Options

Don't mess around struggling to identify, test, and implement untested technologies...Let us guide you by leveraging our knowledgebase, connections, and coaching. We'll even host webinars and conference calls on your team's behalf — providing exert training as we go. 


Create Videos Virtually


Video Editing Services — [YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook]

In-Home Video Studio BluePrints & Shopping List

In-Home Podcast & 4K HD Studio Builds


Live Studio Production

Studio Interview Videos

Studio Explainer Videos

Live Shows for YouTube & Facebook

Podcast Recording


Video Brochures and Mailers

VIdeo Brochures 

DIgital Mailers

Video Presentation Folders

USB Brochures


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New Virtual Crisis Communications Service Launched by MediaTech Direct

Mar 17, 2020

Weekly Crisis Communications Conference Call Announced by MediaTech...

Mar 16, 2020

MediaTech Direct Inc. Announces Video Brochures Direct Partnership

Jan 11, 2020

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We're eager to serve the needs of your team with DIY tools, media services, and training to accelerate your success in a virtual world. Make the choice to take action and press forward. 

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Video & Virtual Event Production

Aaron Ball, Co-Founder, is available with a team of experts and corporate partners to save you time and money. Get crisis communications coaching and content services to equip your team in this crucial time.

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Video Brochures & Point of Sale Technologies

Brendan Farrugia, Co-Founder, leads our operations and product fulfillment efforts across three continents [Australia & United States & Asia]. He'll get you fair dinkum Aussie pricing — or Bob's your uncle! 

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Five-Star Reviews & Content Calendar

Ann Kelly, our resident MBA, offers innovation backed by experience. You should definitely publish content if it appeals to Ann! Equal parts social media expert and southern bell: Ann's team will save you time and bring you new business.