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Welcome to our guide and checklist — prepared by experts with over 150 years of collective brand-building experience and crisis communication expertise.


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This guide should be used as a framework to efficiently begin:

  • Evaluating your current marketing efforts in light of social distancing trends
  • Ensure core communications priorities remain supported
  • Identify opportunities to shift toward innovation in virtual engagement
  • Help you assemble and manage your crisis communications team


A downloadable PDF document will be sent via email — including an overview infographic and checklist of topics and process guide. We suggest you share the plan and discuss these topics with your marketing and communications team

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Jessica Griffen, Ed.D.

“We hired MediaTech Direct to consult us, produce a video series, and deploy video brochures to high-value contacts. We are beyond pleased with the results gained for the Urban Development Center.”

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Bruce Carter

“Our team greatly benefited from Media Tech Direct's approach. We have 55 employees in 3 locations. We  used this checklist to get caught up to speed quickly and they helped us host webinars and start creating videos on YouTube.”

Key Checklist Benefits 

This document is intended to help you properly conviene, moderate, and draw conclusions from a virtual "meeting of the minds" of your leadership team. It will help you work more efficiently and answer some of the frequently-asked messaging and technology questions we hear most often.

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